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This year we decided to compete at the World Food Championship and The American Royal. On october 25th we started our trip flying from Amsterdam to Philadelphia to Kansas! Back home we contacted some USA bbq teams to ask if they could help us out with the bbq equipment, The Smoking Hills ( last year's World Food Championships winner) inmediatly said yes. The first thing in the morning was to pick up our gear, when we got there they already packed the van! Huddie was given the keys and we were good to go! Awesome, big thanks Smoking Hills!!! Amazing how the bbq family works together.

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Als we dan toch richting de states gaan dit jaar kunnen we mooi nog een bbq competitie meepakken :)

The American Royal!

The American Royal is pleased to announce that the 2016 World Series of Barbecue® – the world’s largest barbecue competition – will be held at The Kansas Speedway, October 26-30. Last year’s event at Arrowhead Stadium was an incredible success and set record attendance with over 600 teams and nearly 50,000 attendees. A move to the Speedway location was necessitated due to the American Royal’s fall dates and scheduling conflicts at the Truman Sports Complex. The new weekend dates of October 26-30 were selected to make the American Royal World Series of Barbecue® the finale of the competitive barbecue season for hundreds of elite teams on the barbecue circuit.

Noskos, de bekende bbq blogger heeft een mooie review gedaan met onze Chicken Dust. 

"Tijdens de Tony Stone Low & Slow BBQ Competition kreeg ik van Huddie Lee Stokes een bus Serial Grillaz Chicken Dust in mijn handen gedrukt. Of ik die wilde proberen? Huddie ken ik al jaren, tijdens de allereerste Tony Stone werd hij eerste bij de kip en zijn team scoort meestal goed in die categorie dus ik wilde zijn kipkruidenmix graag proeven!"

Lees hier verder op de website van Noskos.

Big News !!!!

In 2017 gaan we ervoor, dit moet het jaar worden waarin ik hoop mijn eerste Grand Championship te halen, Reserve Grand Champion is tot nu toe het hoogst behaalde.
Het doel is om 15 a 16 wedstrijden te gaan doen zowel in NL als in het buitenland.

Super trots op de nieuwe en oude sponsors die ons gaan ondersteunen volgend jaar :

Kopa ovens
Wagyu Farm
Swamp Boy's BBQ
Vuur en rook


Verder veranderd er niet zoveel behalve dat ik zelf alles ga doen, natuurlijk zullen er nog steeds teamleden mee gaan, dus idereen is zoals altijd welkom bij Serial Grillaz in de tent !

Eindelijk is het zover! we organiseren onze eige bbq competitie! Lees alles hierover op www.meat-the-east.com en reserveer 19 en 20 maart vast in je agenda!.

YES! we are going to the World Food Championships! First we have to think about how we are doing this....

October 24th we organized a big bbq party with food, drinks and a lottery at our new house to raise some money for groceries, a tent, electricity etc. We invited all our bbq friends, new neighbours, family and facebook connections to drink and eat till they drop. The money they donated was good for all our groceries for the competition!! BIG BIG thanks again to all who were there! YES ready set...go! to the biggest food competition in the world! 

Nov 3.

Time to get us registered and take our chef's picture! After the registration we were off to our friend Rub Bagby( Swamp Boys BBQ) he got us hooked up with a Gateway Drum smoker and we picked up our new Grizzly cooler we ordered. So cool to see friends that share the same passion for bbq and have so many awards!! Damn they really have huge awards in BBQ!

DSCF1086 DSCF1106

Nov 4.

We arrive at the BBQ competition area, this is somewhere else then the other categories because bbq trucks are way to big to place in a tiny street in Kissimmee. When we arrive we see big square white tents... are these for us? And the table and the chairs!? AWESOME!! Can we choose one?? Yes we can! Totally amazed how good the competition is organized this year. Every year we get more luxury, and everything is better organized! cheers for the organisation! We hung up our banner and started to look for shops with good meats. We already have one good brisket ordered at SnakeRiverfarm. In the evening we went to the Meeting Party. Lot's fun to meet all the other competitors! We met another dutch team who were competing in burger, a bbq team from Texas and we got to see Rusty from Canada ( they were our neighbours in 2013 competition) again. A couple a beers later and the pictures getting blurry, hahaha great night we had!

DSCF1261 DSCF1162

Nov 5.

Ancillary contest Gator and steak!

First we have to pick up our Webers and get them ready. Also a big credit to the organisation for providing us with the Webers! OMG what are we going to do with the gator? We made some fritters with dutch cheese on top. They tasted ok but was'nt that great. Then we're up for steak, some seasoning, grilling and it's done. The steak was'nt really good to, so we dont expect to see some prizes in these two categories. At celebration is the stage where al the awards ceremonys are. Our results for Gator and Steak are :

Gator : 19th!

Steak : 27th

DSCF1208 DSCF1247 We did'nt get the chance to work in our Witloft aprons cause it was just to hot so they were a nice decoration :)

Nov 6.

Time to prep our meat, cooks meeting and smoke! Do we have all the rubs... check, all the lettuce.... check

Let the games begin! We got up early and went to the competition area, so excited and yes a bit nervous. Huddie starts doing his bbq magic while i'm walking around to make some pictures. At 4 o clock my family showed up! so cool! We gave the kids a exclusive Serial Grillaz T-shirt and had to say goodbye again because we have to get the fire started. When we are ready and the first meat is on the q it's time to sit down a sec. Time to go talk to our neighbours bbq Wiesel DE and The Beast FR. This is actually the most fun part cause you get to talk to all the other competitors and there is a really relaxed atmosphere. Huddie is a bit nervous about the Q's but he controlling it. Normally we bring our own Q's but to take them overseas was a bit to much :) After a couple a beers I head off to the car to get some sleep. Still it's 22 degreed celcius, so not much sleep.

DSCF1374 DSCF1409

Nov 7.

Around 7 o clock I woke up in the car, Huddie was already up and running. I started working on the presentation with lettuce. Huddie shouted... "jo get over here with your camera" so I ran out of the tent and there Huddie is talking to Moe Cason. This gave Huddie so much happy energy that he totally forgot he only slept for 10 minutes.


12:00 - The first turn in Chicken - Yes the first turn in is great!


12:30 - Ribs - They are a little to big for the box and the taste is not exaclty what we wanted but ok


13:00 - Pork - Taste is good and the box looks great :)


13:30 - Brisket - We had two briskets, one from Snake River farms and one other from (cant remember the store...) The Premium brisket from Snake River Farms nailed it! Taste is great tenderness is awesome and it looks as tasty as it is.


Now we can clean up, get some sleep and wait for the results. We bought everything as disposable so cleaning up is done in 30 minutes :) jihaaaaaaaaa we did it! At 5pm I had to wake up Huddie and we went to the award show at Celebration in Kissimee. After a long wait we had no call to the stage but when we saw our results we were blown away! These result are awesome!

Chicken 29  Ribs 43 Pork 29 Brisket 24 and overall 30 out of 58 champions! With these results we are more than happy and with a big smile on our face we went to get some pizza :)


Nov 8.

Today we are driving back to Winterhaven to return the Gateway drum smoker to Swamp boys, Thanks again Rub! In the afternoon we went to see the burger championships and guess who won.... Rusty! our friend from Canada! hahaha so cool he won, his burgers sound amazing!

Nov 9 

On this day everybody gets a day off, and the winners can think of what they are making and how they are presenting it.

Nov 10. 

Today are the finals! Every category winner is competing for the grand prize of 100.000 dollar! We went to see all this at Celebration where they made a street full of Kenmore kitchens where every competitor can cook. Really cool to see the winner of seafood competing against bacon or dessert. We walked around the whole day and waited for the results. Rusty the guy from the burger competition he got a 3rd place! And the big winner was the BBQ category winner Smoking hills!!!!! And guess what!.. we tasted his brisket! 

DSCF1693 DSCF1704DSCF1714 DSCF1741

We met so many nice people and had such a great time comepeting at this competition, we are definitly coming back next year!

Thanks again for all your support : Sponsors, Friends, Family, neighbours but especiallyour family for their believe and support and Harry Havinga for introducing us in 2012 to this competition.


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